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07.05.05 - 3:35 p.m.

i was thinking of usign my camera.... so i thought i'd give a peak into the wonderful world of a late-waking up anne fucking around on her computer all day....


cereal. most days i skip the whole milk/bowl routine and grab a handful as i'm heading for the door. thanks to the miracle of my hangover (yes, its a tuesday, so that would make it a monday night bender), i took the time for both the bowl and milk.

the desktop on my computer..... extremely disorganized and messy.... i can not find fuck all on that thing today... i need to clean it, so instead i'm writing this entry. master at procrastination.

my dog.... begging me to take her for a walk. unfortunately, i live in the suburbs/country, and the neighbours would be shocked if they saw me throwing up in thier bushes. notice, however, how she has most conveniently brought me my socks and shoes.... she is real intelligent though won't learn that her substitute mommy shoudn't be bothered when holding her head and moaning.....

later folks....



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